Pigeon Pages

Yellow Like Mom

Short fiction story published through literary journal Pigeon Pages. This was a piece that developed from a prompt about colors in my undergrad senior year creative nonfiction class. I played around with angles for a few years until I finally landed on an approach that stuck.


How Dumb TV Can Ease Your Panic Attacks

Wellness personal essay I wrote offering advice about how I help myself cope with panic attacks. Watching television like cartoons or other not stimulating content is something that has always helped me calm down, and I spoke to mental experts about whether there was anything involved to back up that claim.

The Dot and the Line

Why Diane’s Cultural Tension in ‘BoJack’ Reminds Me of My Heritage

As a staff writer for the cartoon entertainment blog, I often got screeners of upcoming shows. With that season of BoJack Horseman, I saw a lot of similarities between my own disconnect from my heritage as a Puerto Rican and what the character Diane experienced. I shared my experience rather than providing my usual critical reviews and analysis of the series we covered.


How the Women’s Cycling Scene Changed the Way I See the City

When I first moved to Brooklyn, I became involved with nonprofit cycling advocacy group Transportation Alternatives and a female cycling group called Women Empowered by Biking (WE Bike). It helped me find a group of friends, stay healthy, explore the area in a way I otherwise wouldn’t have, and fostered a love of cycling. I shared what I gained from the experience with HelloGiggles.

I Found My First Gray Hair—and Here’s How I Finally Accepted It

In this creative nonfiction essay, I shared my experience with finding my first gray hair—on New Year’s Eve right before I was going out with my now-husband. In the moment, the timing struck me as monumental and an interesting way to end a year. It was a fun creative piece to write about what was ultimately a silly moment.


I Stole My Landlord’s Cat When I Saw He Was Being Neglected and Abused

I started feeding a skinny stray in my neighborhood back in 2016, who my landlord’s son was also taking care of. I asked them to close the gate because the cat kept trying to get into my apartment, and after a weekend away, I found the cat trapped in a carrier in the basement, covered in feces. I stole the cat and brought it to a rescue, and I wrote about the experience for xoJane before the site was shut down. At the time, the story amassed a ton of comments on the site and more social media engagement than other stories published around the same time.