The Dot and the Line

How ‘BoJack’ Skewers the #MeToo “Comeback”

I was a contributing writer for the cartoon entertainment blog The Dot and the Line for about a year until it shut down. In that time, I watched pressers of the newest BoJack Horseman season, particularly about the commentary the season made on the then-recent #MeToo movement.

How Stephen Hillenburg’s Background in Marine Biology Helped Influence ‘SpongeBob SquarePants’

Before The Dot and the Line shut down, I wrote about a series that was near and dear to me: SpongeBob SquarePants. Specifically, I focused on the first three seasons of the series and how the creator had a background in marine biology that helped make his references extra meaningful.


Live Review: As Tall As Lions at Webster Hall

When one of my favorite bands joined together again briefly for a reunion show in New York, I knew I had to go. And since I had recently started writing for female-run music blog Audiofemme, I covered it as one of my first reviews.

Artist Interview: Alex Wilding

My editor at Audiofemme asked me to interview artist Alexa Wilding. I met up with her at her producer’s studio to chat about her new album, musical inspiration, and the transition she was making from her previous style into her new work.

The Wild Honey Pie

Milo Greene’s Control

Though I mostly did copy editing for The Wild Honey Pie’s blog, I also sometimes wrote articles. This was a review I did for one of my favorite bands’ new albums, where each song was uniquely its own and could standalone as catchy singles. One of my favorite parts of music writing was how creative you could be with descriptions.

Journey Through Supernatural Realms With Heat Thunder

In my three years editing and writing for The Wild Honey Pie, I wrote a lot of quick hits about songs and videos. This was one of the more memorable reviews that I wrote.