Outdoor Retailers Strive to Make Nature More Accessible to Marginalized Groups

In Adweek’s 2022 Pride Stars issue, I wrote about how retailers in the outdoor and recreation industry are trying to make the outdoors more accessible to marginalized groups that don’t often see themselves in those brands’ marketing materials.

Planned Parenthood Solidifies Its Stance as a Brand That Will Fight ‘No Matter What’

For the 2022 Brand Genius issue, I spoke with Planned Parenthood’s president and CEO Alexis McGill Johnson, which was featured as the issue’s Purpose Brand (a nonprofit honored for its year of achievements). We looked at what the organization is doing following Roe v. Wade getting overturned and how McGill is helping the nonprofit’s reputation.

How DJ Khaled Has Made Confidence a Brand—and a Formula for Outsize Success

I wrote the cover story for Adweek’s 2020 Challenger Brands issue, focusing on his businesses and personal brand. I spoke with producer and mogul DJ Khaled while he was at his Florida home. Our photo editor sent a photographer to his home to get the accompanying photos, too.

How Bike Brands Are Navigating a Boom Fueled by Covid-19

Based on conversations in Facebook cycling groups I was in about bike shortages, I spoke to bike brands to see how the pandemic was affecting their supplies. I discovered that many large bike brands had campaigns they needed to cancel or adapt because they saw record sales as more people chose to bike for exercise and avoid public transit. Since I oversaw the Trending section in print, our features editor edited the article for me instead.

How the 2020 Presidential Frontrunners Are Using Music as a Marketing Tool

Toward the end of 2019, I helped with launching our politics coverage. I pitched an article about how each candidate at that point was using music to brand themselves, including audio embeds to accompany the piece. Due to this article, I went on Cheddar TV to discuss what I learned in my research and what we might continue to see.

How to Find Support After a Friend Dies by Suicide

Wellness article for Twin Cities PBS’ for a suicide awareness and mental health series. I based the premise off of my friend’s suicide four years prior and spoke to three mental health experts on what they suggested for someone trying to find help after losing someone.

Best Lawyers

Female Attorneys Shaping the Future

For the Women in the Law Spring Business Edition in 2017, I wrote this feature about an initiative in Baltimore, Rosie the Lawyer. Through the initiative, lawyers in the area were visiting a low-income high school to offer female students a chance to shadow them, ask questions, and even watch them in court. The premise for the initiative was based on the fact that many lawyers get their start after coming from a family of lawyers, so these female attorneys wanted to offer that opportunity to these young girls who otherwise might not get it.

Steve Yerrid Proves He’s a Top Gun Among America’s Trial Lawyers … Again

When we didn’t sell covers for our monthly custom publications, the editorial department that I oversaw would interview lawyers within our network who had landmark cases. I spoke with Steve Yerrid for our 2018 Tampa issue about a famous case he worked on where he changed tobacco laws permanently.