For EA, In-Housing Was a ‘Fluid, Cyclical Journey’ Driven by Data Security

Attended Adweek’s 2019 NexTech conference to cover this panel led by our programmatic editor. I wrote up the panel, which was about what inspired the company’s move to bring media effort in-house.

New Campaign Puts a Spotlight on 31 States Where LGBT Discrimination Remains the Law

Wrote about a campaign from the Ad Council called “Beyond I Do,” which showcased LGBTQ+ families that were struggling due to discrimination. I spoke with creative directors on the campaign and from the brand about their motivation in creating this campaign. It was one of my most popular articles at Adweek, amassing more than 35,000 views over the span of a few months.

Infographic: Consumers Want to See More Brands in the Esports Realm

An infographic I wrote for the Data Points section of our magazine, a column that I write for each issue, which appeared in our Best of Tech issue. Mediahub supplied me with exclusive data about the growth esports had seen between 2019 and 2020, particularly with Gen Z and millennials.

Best Lawyers

Taylor English Duma Sees Immense Success Through Its Remote Lawyers

For our back-of-book section, The Verdict, in the 2017 Global Business Edition, I wrote about a new initiative a law firm was undertaking. The firm had its lawyers working remotely, and I spoke with them to see how it was going and what results they had been seeing.


Mastering Time Management Skills to Grow Your Business

As a freelance writer for Patreon, I wrote business advice for patrons and creators on their blog. With this article, I researched how one can improve their time management skills and shared my findings.

A Quick Guide to Finding Balance and Creative Independence

Another type of article I often wrote for Patreon were ones that had insights from creators. In this piece, I spoke with two groups about how they pursue their creative careers using the platform while also finding a work-life balance.


Inspiring Smiles Worldwide for 35 Years With Operation Smile

Wrote inset articles for Mediaplanet to be placed in newspapers and magazines between 2017 and 2019. In this piece, I spoke with the founder of nonprofit Operation Smile about his work fixing cleft palates in underdeveloped countries.