REI’s Response to a Store’s Unionization Effort Forces Tough Reconciliation With Progressive Image

When one of REI’s New York stores tried to unionize, the brand responded in a way that didn’t seem consistent with its values of being a purpose-driven co-op. In this piece, I spoke with unionizers and analysts about how that might affect its image.

Joe Rogan Isn’t Spotify’s Biggest Problem. It’s Having an Identity Crisis

As Spotify is increasingly seen as a publisher, the decisions it makes around content it shares is under more and more scrutiny. In this piece, I spoke to analysts about how Spotify’s exclusive deal with Joe Rogan, who was sharing controversial and scientifically unproven opinions, his content became more of a brand identity issue.

Prime Day 2022 Was the Biggest in Amazon’s History

Looked at how Prime Day 2022 performed, amid supply chain issues and raising inflation rates. Despite those factors, it was the biggest in the e-commerce giant’s history.

Best Lawyers

Taylor English Duma Sees Immense Success Through Its Remote Lawyers

For our back-of-book section, The Verdict, in the 2017 Global Business Edition, I wrote about a new initiative a law firm was undertaking. The firm had its lawyers working remotely, and I spoke with them to see how it was going and what results they had been seeing.


Mastering Time Management Skills to Grow Your Business

As a freelance writer for Patreon, I wrote business advice for patrons and creators on their blog. With this article, I researched how one can improve their time management skills and shared my findings.

A Quick Guide to Finding Balance and Creative Independence

Another type of article I often wrote for Patreon were ones that had insights from creators. In this piece, I spoke with two groups about how they pursue their creative careers using the platform while also finding a work-life balance.


Inspiring Smiles Worldwide for 35 Years With Operation Smile

Wrote inset articles for Mediaplanet to be placed in newspapers and magazines between 2017 and 2019. In this piece, I spoke with the founder of nonprofit Operation Smile about his work fixing cleft palates in underdeveloped countries.