Manage, copyedit, and publish all content on Adweek’s Voice digital channel and print issues, made up of guest contributors.

Coordinated, managed, and copyedited all editorial content in Best Lawyers and U.S. News & World Report’s following annual magazines.

Coordinated, managed, and copyedited all editorial content in Best Lawyers’ following quarterly magazines.

Copyedited all editorial content for Best Lawyers’ following regional custom publications.

Second pass copyedited and updated style guides for young adult fiction novels for Scholastic.
  • Secrets of Hexbridge Castle
  • Whatever After bind-up
  • Frozen Charlotte
  • Monster Itch #1
  • It’s Not Me, It’s You
  • Rainbow Magic: Michelle the Winter Wonderland Fairy
  • The Knowing
  • Pokémon Alola Region Handbook
  • I’m Not Lying, She’s Lying

Copyedited full novels, creating style guides, author/production editor query sheets, and tag sheets for typesetters for Bookbright Media.
  • RH of Sustainable Real Estate
  • The Common Core Grammar Toolkit