Adweek: Features and Lists

Here Are Adweek’s 2022 Agency of the Year Winners

With our Agency of the Year list, which is one of Adweek’s most anticipated awards of the year, I helped with jury deliberations to determine who would be awarded in each category. I then assigned each features within the list and worked with writers on first edit. After we’re done with the first round of edits, I then do another edit and prep the features for the web.

As the NFT Frenzy Fades, Brands Recalibrate Their Strategy

For our November Readers’ Choice: Best of Tech issue, our emerging technology reporter took a look into NFTs and how they aren’t as appealing to brands and marketers as we close out the year, a near 180-degree change from where we started 2022.

The 2022 Hot List: The Year’s Most Talked About in TV, Media and Digital & Tech

The annual Hot List looks at the top performers across the television, media and tech worlds. Each list includes break-out features where we award additional awards, such as Creators of the Year, Game Changer of the Year, and Executives of the Year. And with this list, we had to edit two versions of each story since the digital versions were longer than what appeared in print.

Adweek: Trending/Insights Section

How Virtual Brands Attract Real Customers

This co-bylined piece takes a refreshed look at a trend that really saw its rise during the pandemic: virtual kitchens. On platforms like DoorDash and Grubhub, retailers like Cracker Barrel and Chuck E. Cheese are creating new eateries that they hope will target different demographics.

As Green Steel Revs Up to Change the Auto Industry, Are Carmakers Ready for the Race?

From one of our senior reporters, this piece on green steel technology dives into the nitty-gritty details on what the tech entails and what the challenges are behind it. I worked with the reporter on ensuring that such a technical topic was digestible and interesting to any audience.

The Girl Boss Has Been Canceled. Here’s What We Can Learn From Her

The idea for this story was born out of a brainstorming meeting where I was discussing Women’s History Month ideas with the newsroom. The reporter and I worked closely on this story, which was an idea I pitched and she was interested in writing, to ensure it captured exactly what a girl boss is and why we no longer think it’s as prevelant in today’s business world.

The WHO and CDC Are All Over Social Media, but Are They Making a Difference?

During the early days of Covid-19, our platforms reporter pitched me an analysis-heavy piece on how platforms like Twitter and Facebook were sharing posts from the WHO and CDC. As misinformation on platforms was such a huge problem, it was timely and also showed a deviation from past practices.

How Faux Meat Is Beefing Up Burger King, Subway and Dunkin’ Menus

As fast-food brands were first expanding menus to offer plant-based proteins, a senior brands reporter pitched me a two-page spread for our Trending section. The piece looked into the rise of this trend, how major brands were capitalizing on the moment, and what this could mean for the. brands moving forward. It was an insightful look into a burgeoning trend that performed incredibly well for us.

Adweek: Small Magazine Departments

Don’t Look Now, Doc, but America’s Original Influencer Bugs Bunny Just Turned 80

Perspective, an Adweek magazine staple, is a column that provides history on a brand. It has been written by a senior reporter for almost a decade. I work with him to brainstorm ideas that are relevant to that month/year. After he sends me a draft, I copy edit and he both works with our designer to on imagery to make it unique from other pages.

How a Cable News Blog Turned Into a Top Source for the Highs and Lows of Broadcast Media

When one of Adweek’s most popular blogs TVNewser celebrated an anniversary, we dedicated an entire print issue to it. I worked with CNN correspondent Brian Stelter, who founded the blog in 2004 as CableNeweser, on this opinion article. Stelter wrote about the history of the blog and what lessons he learned from launching it and audience responses.

How Snickers Transformed a Basic Biological Need Into Super Bowl Success

For the Super Bowl 2019 issue, everything was supposed to fit under the theme. I reached out to brands that had memorable and famous Super Bowl ads in the past.

An executive creative director from the agency (BBDO) that worked on Snickers’ ad in 2009 featuring Betty White wrote about the agency’s experience working on the ad. This ad started a series of “You’re Not You When You’re Hungry” ads for the brand. The creative director also shared advice on what the agency learned from creating such a notable ad and what others in the industry could learn from them.

Best Lawyers Annual Issue

The Year in Review

I edited two annual magazines for Best Lawyers: Best Law Firms and The Year in Review, the latter of which we created in partnership with U.S. News & World Report. For The Year in Review, I worked with editors from U.S. News to coordinate the pieces, creating themes with their teams to ensure we had coverage that spanned the legal high points of the past year.

The editor at U.S. News did a first-pass edit, and I would do second-pass edits and proofread on printed pages. We also collaborated with their design team to choose imagery for the issue.

Best Lawyers Quarterly Issues

Business Editions

Worked with the executive editor to create a theme for the second annual Global Issue, which was part of the quarterly Business Editions we published. This issue highlighted all the international law firms that Best Lawyers recognized. We decided to organize by country and reached out to lawyers in the network in those countries.

I coordinated pitches with the lawyers to write about the most pressing laws and legal happenings in their practices areas specific to their countries. I then copy edited all the articles with the executive editor and proofread printed pages, using Chicago Manual of Style proofreading marks. Lastly, I worked with our design team to storyboard imagery and organize the magazine so we had a cohesive package throughout the book.

Another annual issue within our Business Editions was Women in the Law. For this issue, I again assigned stories to lawyers within our network that were tied into a diversity and inclusivity theme. There were also some pieces that covered recent laws, such as FCC rulings. With this issue, I also wrote one of our features titled “Female Attorneys Shaping the Future.”

Similar to the other Business Edition issue, I provided notes to the writers to shape stories, copy edited, and proofread on printed pages. I then worked with the design team to storyboard and create a consistent package.

Best Lawyers Monthly Issues

Regional Custom Publications

From fall 2016 until winter 2018, I managed the editorial components of all multi-monthly regional custom publications. These pertained to lawyers within our network in various regions throughout the U.S. The editorial components on these included: Lawyer of the Year, a profile on a lawyer who was awarded that recognition in the publication year; In the News, a spread about recent legal happenings in the region that involved lawyers in the network; and a cover story if it wasn’t sold by sales, featuring a well-known case or lawyer in the region.

With these, I managed an editorial assistant, who wrote the smaller sections, and I often wrote the cover stories. I copy edited and proofread all the editorial components digitally and also on printed pages. Then we worked with the art team to deliver any graphic assets.