Adweek: Premium Content

Anheuser-Busch InBev’s Goal for 2023: Get Digital

Since 2020, I’ve led our premium content initiative, determining which exclusive, one-of-a-kind stories fit under the category to put a story behind the paywall and drive subscriptions. This story is a deep-dive into AB In Bev’s 2023 strategy, which is to focus more on what it can do digitally.

Seventh Generation Is Phasing Out Big Plastic Laundry Jugs. But Consumers May Prove Hard to Sway

From our sustainability editor, a look into why plastic laundry jugs may not be the future sustainability needs due to the obvious fact that they contain more plastic and create more waste.

Sour Patch Kids Defied Skeptics, Successfully Opening a Physical Shop in a Pandemic

I worked with the reporter on this story, notably changing from a straightforward lede to a more anecdotal lede with a playful headline. Additionally, I refocused the article so it really highlighted that the brand launched a store during the pandemic, which I saw as one of the most interesting points for our audience.

How Four Seasons Total Landscaping Can Capitalize on That Infamous Press Conference

I assigned this story to an editor/reporter on my team since no one else in the newsroom was covering it, and I saw an opportunity for us. I pushed her to try and nail down the brand, and if that didn’t pan out (they weren’t talking to anyone at the time), to search for experts that could comment on the move instead. With those inputs, we had a unique angle that trended on our site for most of the week.

Adweek: Editorial Packages

Adweek’s 2019 Grad Guide to Marketing, Media and More

Alongside another editor on my team, I helped put together and publish our 2019 Grad Guide package. It was a series aimed to help recent marketing graduates or students.

We had a newsroom meeting with all the reporters to pitch story ideas and then assigned them. After receiving drafts, we sent back any notes to the reporters and copy edited. Then we worked with our design team to create cohesive imagery throughout the package so it tied together nicely.

Adweek: Opinion Articles

A Brief Rundown of Racism Within Advertising and Why It’s Still Happening Today

During Black History Month in 2019, I reached out to Adweek’s community of marketing executives who wrote opinion articles with topics I was looking to commission. Trevor Robinson, founder of agency Quiet Storm, expressed interest in writing an article about the history of racism in the industry.

I provided notes to Trevor when I got his draft and also copy edited the piece. It ended up being the best-performing opinion article for more than two years that had lasting popularity year round.

How Gillette’s New Ad Flipped a Narrative and Challenged Men to Live Up to Different Standards

When Gillette released its new ad in January 2019, there was a lot of outcry. I reached out to Alaina Shearer, founder of TogetherDigital, who had written for me previously, and asked if she would be interested in writing about the ad.

She shared her opinions on why many viewed it as divisive and discussed the positives to the ad. She turned the draft around in less than a day, and I was able to copy edit and publish it soon after. Being timely with it allowed the piece to skyrocket to the top of the site for the next couple of days, and it remained one of the most popular articles for more than two years.

Nike’s Air Force 1 Low Puerto Rico Shoes Illustrated a Lack of Cultural Competency

Freelance writer Janel Martinez pitched me this article, and I moved forward with it, recognizing it as a great opportunity to point to a brand’s misstep, which was unique from what we typically published. As an Afro-Latina, Martinez provided a needed insight into why this move was perceived as so offensive. She illustrated exactly where the brand contradicted itself, and also provided takeaways about what it could do to remedy the situation. It was well-received by the Adweek audience and was a great opportunity to not just celebrate the good things brands do.

Best Lawyers

A Hectic Autumn Lies Ahead for Financial Institutions

Launched Best Lawyers’ digital publishing platform and helped create a custom CMS that included options for unique formatting and an SEO plugin. Featured Q&As, articles written by lawyers within the network (that I edited and published), magazine sections made digital, and updates on recent legal news.

Best Reviews

5 Best Cashmere Scarves

I proofread articles for Tribune Publishing’s review site and also proofed social media copy and other copy for various assignments. Using Associated Press Stylebook as a guide, I ensured that articles I took on were consistent and had all the needed components for each article.

The Wild Honey Pie

Top 25 Albums of 2014*

From 2013 until 2015, I was the head copy editor of the music blog and events company. I copy edited all of articles using the house style guide, including long lists like these top albums and songs lists within those years; album, song, video, and concert reviews; and social media copy.

*The company underwent a rebrand after I left and deleted most things from before 2018, so much of what I worked on is no longer available.