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ADWEEK Community Editor
February 2018–Present
  • Manage and grow the digital Voice section, featuring opinion and advice articles from industry leaders at brands, agencies, and tech and media companies, from approximately five posts monthly to a minimum of two posts per day.
  • Grew the channel 65 percent in a year (over 560,000 views in 2018) and saw over 1.5 times more views. The channel makes up between 2.3–3.3 percent of overall site traffic.
  • Launch Adweek’s first Voice Network of over 150 members and manage content from recruited members, with a goal of four articles minimum from each contributor. Manage Adweek Advisory Board by eliciting content from members and featuring their insights on industry events and happenings.
  • Copy edit digital and print Voice content and reported digital articles using the Adweek house style guide and Associated Press Stylebook for reference.
  • Manage editorial-related data projects to boost readership and garner insights from the Adweek audience.
BEST LAWYERS Managing Editor
September 2016–February 2018
  • Compiled business, political, social, and cultural law-related editorial stories and features for magazines (multi-annual custom publications, quarterly Business Editions, and annual Legal Issue and Best Law Firms created in correspondence with U.S. News & World Report).
  • Chose creative direction and themes for magazines and worked with freelance reporters and design team to publish dynamic and unique publications each quarter.
  • Redesigned website and overhauled content from print to digital. Helped bring digital viewership from 1.5 million to 3.5 million through social strategy, SEO optimization, analytics assistance, and marketing.
  • Copy edited all print and web editorial content using the Chicago Manual of Style and house style guide, then proofread printed magazine before publication.
  • Wrote and copy edited feature stories, short news-related articles, lawyer profile pieces, other editorial components, and advertorial content for print and digital.
SCHOLASTIC Freelance Copy Editor/Proofreader
September 2015–Present
  • Copy edit and proofread young adult fiction and children’s fiction manuscripts physically and electronically using the Chicago Manual of Style and Merriam-Webster as guides. Update novel-specific style guides as necessary.  
IQUANTI Freelance Copywriter
August 2017–August 2018
  • Write SEO keyword dense articles, title tags, and meta descriptions for technology clients.
MEDIAPLANET Freelance Writer
February 2017–December 2018
  • Write advertorial and editorial magazine inset content about entrepreneurs and leading industry professionals.
THE WEBSITE ARCHITECTS Freelance Copywriter/Social Media Marketing Strategist
January 2015–July 2016
  • Wrote copy for West Coast Stock Car Hall of Fame Twitter and Facebook accounts. More than quadrupled followers in less than a year. Wrote blog articles, website copy, and landing pages for technology clients.
PARKSBYNATURE NETWORK Writer/Editor/Social Media Manager
January 2015–June 2016
  • Wrote blog entries that consistently brought in highest views due to SEO and keyword optimization. Managed editorial schedule and copy edited blog posts before publishing through WordPress.
  • Wrote copy for apps, keyword-focused SEO title tags and meta descriptions for websites, social media copy, landing pages, press releases, product guides, email newsletters, and sponsor-related marketing copy.
  • Built and managed 12 social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest, Tumblr). Developed social media strategy and created weekly analytics reports.
THE WILD HONEY PIE Writer/Copy Editor/Social Media Manager/Partnerships
October 2013–September 2015
  • Wrote marketing emails to gain sponsors for events. Received the highest amount of responses and brought in the most brands while on the team using a self-made template.
  • Wrote social media copy and created analytics reports for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, leading to more blog views and followers than the company had previously seen.


Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing and Italian, 2011
Study Abroad, 2010